19th October 2021 

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again"


"Thank you for your help and advice to the Bride and Groom in the run up to the event, and most certainly for your professional and calming influence on the day, which was very much noticed and appreciated.
Everyone had a wonderful day & evening. A day for George, Melissa and all of their family and friends to remember fondly for many years to come"

Testimonials. Flower and GrassThank you for the sensitive and caring way you helped to plan Patrick’s funeral, your kindness and support to all of us.
Eleanor P

Hi Lilian,
thank you, we all believed it was the appropriate send off for her and all truly fitting. We thank you for being part of it and just being there to offer your support was enough to get us through it.

John and Pamela

We have had so much positive feedback about Deb‘s funeral. Phrases like 'a perfect service' and a 'wonderful tribute' with everyone playing their parts so bravely and being respectful of Deb's memory. Many people thought you were a friend of Deb's rather than a celebrant, a tribute indeed! It is such a good memory to hold onto in the years to come and I don't think we could have got it any better, your guidance is much appreciated.

Thank you for helping us to create the ceremony. We feel truly blessed
Rachel and Miriam

What a wonderful day, we loved it, our friends loved it. Thank you for your help and support
Ian and Roger

Thank you Lilian, Holly might have only been a dog to the world , to me she was so special and your service for her today was very comforting and honoured her appropriately.