19th February 2018 
About Me. lilian17

“I can give you nothing that has not already
had its origins within yourself.

I throw open no picture gallery but your own,
I can help make your own world visible”

About Me

My journey began amongst the rugged beauty of the West of Ireland and cultural richness of Celtic Spirituality and the Catholicism. This journey has taken me thus far to many exciting places in the world, from Kathamandu in Nepal to Cusco in Peru, and Dharmsala in India where I met the Dalai Lama. The most exciting and worthwhile journey we can ever make is to our own hearts.

I have been inspired by many wonderful people who have been my teachers, I have studied all the major spiritual traditions and feel my heart belongs amongst the Sufis who acknowledge there are as many paths to God as there are breaths.

Nature, art, poetry and music have been my teachers too. As a psychotherapist I help people to move to wholeness facilitating their unique expression of themselves. This work lead to me officiating at many different kinds of services where I do the same thing . With your vision and my experience we can create a truly memorable ceremony for your occasion.